Builds that we recommend for you come with a warranty. If we do not think a build is suitable for you, we will say so – and recommend against it – and then proceed to allow you to make your decision and we’ll gladly take your money. If you go that route, you’ll have to sign the “I’m a dummy” warranty waiver form. It’s a fun form.

General Warranty:
The wheels will have a one year warranty for truing and a three year warranty for spoke breakage. This is for normal operating conditions, and spoke breakage from fatigue. This will try to be no questions asked.

If it’s obvious you took a hacksaw to your rim, got eaten by a pothole, and your buddy’s derailleur went through all of your spokes, then that won’t be covered.

If you’re local, bring them by and we’ll get them finished and back to you quickly. If you’re not local, ship them to us, we’ll solve the problem, and ship it back.

Crash Replacement:
Speaking of getting eaten by a pothole and your buddy’s derailleur assaulting your spokes: these things happen, and we want you to come back to us if they do.

We’ll first utilize whatever crash replacement program the manufacturer of the parts has in place. On top of that we’ll do 25% off of whatever parts aren’t covered by manufacturer’s crash replacement, and 60% off on labor.