Fully Custom

There’s quite a range of parts available to us. A brief and by no means exhaustive overview:

Carbon rims: Boyd, Enve, and Nextie.
Aluminum rims: Boyd, DT Swiss, H+Son, HED, Mavic, and Velocity
Hubs: Campagnolo, Chris King, DT Swiss, Extralite, Industry9, Onyx Racing, Phil Wood, Shimano, and White Industries
Spokes: DT Swiss, Berd Polymer Spokes, Pillar, and Sapim
Spoke Nipples: DT Swiss, Sapim

If you know what you want, shoot an email to WalrusWheelWorks@gmail.com and we’ll get you a quote.

If you have no idea what you want, shoot an email with some basic information like your name, what kind of riding you want to do on your sweet wheels (road, mountain, etc), and some idea as to what you’re wanting to do with the wheels (commute, race, etc). We’ll get back with some options.



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