Semi Custom

Some combinations are too good to do just once. Not everyone needs or wants something totally custom. These are some of our favorite parts mixes. In general, we’ll have several categories of build from full on racing tubulars, to damn near bomb-proof commuter wheels and everything in between. Many builds will be available in different build specs, largely number of spokes and lacing patterns to hit a balance between performance and durability.

World Tour Racer – wheels for the days when speed matters above all else; carbon rims, extreme lightweight spokes, and the finest in fast rolling, lightweight hubs with quick engagement. Exotic parts mixes and aluminum spoke nipples.

Sunday Best – speed is still the goal, with a few concessions for practicality and livability. Scaled back a bit, with more affordable parts, and brass spoke nipples.

Everyday Blends – wheels carefully curated for every day use, and putting a big smile on your face. Quick enough for your weeknight group ride, but designed to last.

Special Items – a selection of builds for track racing and fixed gear riding, commuting and other more speciality uses

Made In America – a selection of options for wheels made from as many parts that are made in the USA as possible