Semi Custom

Some combinations are too good to do just once. Not everyone needs or wants something totally custom. These are some of our favorite parts mixes. In general, we’ll have several categories of build from full on racing tubulars, to damn near bomb-proof commuter wheels and everything in between. Many builds will be available in different build specs, largely number of spokes and lacing patterns to hit a balance between performance and durability.

Some of my favorite builds:

Rim Brake:

Archetype to Industry9. One of my favorite builds, as it was the first set of wheels I built for myself years back. Industry Nine hubs laced to the HPlusSon Archetype. A really great wheelset for every day riding. I did my first set with round, double butted spokes, which keeps the price reasonable. Available in multiple hub colors, multiple rim colors, and black or silver spokes as well as multiple spoke count and lacing options. From $850.

Altamont Ceramic to Onyx. Boyd Altamont or Altamont Lite with the ceramic coating, Onyx Racing DS road hubs, laced with CXRays. Boyd’s ceramic coating increases braking performance dramatically, and has a sleek all black look that makes the rims look like a carbon rim, but having the braking performance of a supercharged aluminum rim. Onyx hubs available in lots of colors, CXRays in black or silver. Lots of drilling options. From $1100.

Intro to Carbon: Nextie carbon rims, Bitex hubs. Nextie is a Taiwanese carbon rim manufacturer which I have used to great success over the past several years. Lots of depth and width options as well as options for multiple finishes. Bitex is a supplier of hubs for lots of your favorite bike brands (as well as lots of wheel brands!) to spec as OEM equipment. The best bang for your buck in both rims and hubs is found here. From about $900 – best to ask – it depends on what exactly we choose and shipping on rims from the factory.

Disc Brake:

Hydra to Industry Nine: The hydra is HPlusSon’s disc specific version of the Archetype. Great choice for road disc/grave/cyclocross bikes. Lots of colors on the hubs, several rim color options. From about $850