Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will you build wheels with parts I bring you sourced elsewhere?
Answer: Yes.
Longer Answer: Yes, but: I would prefer to consult with you at least on spoke length, as I would find it incredibly frustrating, as I’m sure would you, if I built the wheels only to find that the spokes were the wrong length.

Question: How long until I have a set of wheels in my hands?
Answer: That depends.
Longer Answer: That depends on a variety of factors including, but not necessarily limited to, what other wheel builds are on the agenda, what the current workload of university courses looks like, and parts availability. I’ll try and give a reasonable estimate when we discuss the build as to time-frame.

Question: You said it would take X amount of time to get wheels. Can it be faster?
Answer: Maybe
Longer Answer: Potentially; I generally try give conservative time estimates for build time. I generally plan for the cheapest option for shipping – we can always pay more money to get things shipped faster. It’s possible the predicted time is based on there already being several wheels in the queue ahead of yours – it’s theoretically possible we could arrange some sort of line-jumping fee. I won’t rearrange my coursework or family obligations to build wheels.