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Nothing can transform the ride of your bike quite like wheels and tires.

Odds are, the wheels that came with your bike were chosen because they allowed the bike to hit a certain price-point or had a certain look, or maybe even because of obligations or agreements between brands. Oftentimes OEM wheels are cheaper versions of wheels you can buy off the rack, unnecessarily heavy and built with less than great parts.

There are some really great wheels you can buy off the rack. These are designed to meet most of the wants of some of the people, but often not their actual needs, and maybe not even all of their wants. Marketing is a powerful force.

There’s certainly something custom, hand-built wheels offer that mass production simply cannot.

Lots of wheels are built by machines, which are only as good as the programmer sets the tolerances. The machines may be faster, but leave something to be desired. The differences are absolutely undeniable.

“Every wheel aficionado can vividly remember their first ride on a set of masterfully hand-built wheels. I know I do.”

Eric Thompson, builder


Wheels are built by Eric, a young man who has worked in bike shops for years, receiving real world, practical education on bicycles in that time, as well as formal training from Barnett Bicycle Institute.

He also spent several years pursuing a traditional education in biochemistry and history, before bowing out to pursue other interests.  After a four year hiatus from formal education, Eric resumed pursuit of a history degree, completing this at the University of Central Florida in May of 2019. In addition to building wheels, Eric works at a history museum.

Eric has ridden road bikes since the age of twelve, and spent time in college, and shortly after, racing.

Eric once held the honor of being, based on average finishing position, the worst male mountain bike racer in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference.


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