From time to time I have wheels sitting here ready to sell, and even occasional branded stuff.

Logo Patch

I have lots of these things. Buy one. Seriously, I have so many of them that I could Scrooge McDuck dive in a pile of them. They're two inches round and red. They work best if you sew them onto things. Two for $5 (I will refund you $1 if you buy two).



Wheels Available:

Onyx Classic, center-lock hubs to unbranded carbon, 40mm deep rims. The hubs are Onyx’s ridiculously bright color called antifreeze – the hubs are set 12×142 rear, 15×100 front, but are able to be converted to other TA standards or QR. The rims were purchased from a bicycle brand that was going out of business. They are 40mm deep, glossy, non-tubeless compatible rims. Both front and rear are 28h, laced 2x. Wheels will be trued and have tension checked before taking delivery. For me to build you something comparable would probably be approximately $1200-1300. I have ridden these sporadically. Consider these for $800. Hit the contact form button to enquire.