From time to time I have wheels sitting here ready to sell, and even occasional branded stuff.

Aivee Edition One x Boyd Altamont Lite Ceramic

Boyd Altamont Lite rims with their ceramic coating to improve braking performance, and give a stealthy all-black look laced to Aivee Edition One hubs. Aivee is a French hub manufacturer making relatively lightweight, very high quality parts inside the EU. The Edition One is their fanciest hub, and these are the straight pull version.  Wheelset is finished with Sapim CX Ray spokes on the front wheel and NDS of rear wheel, with Pillar’s Wing spoke on the drive side of the rear wheel. Wheelset weighs 1384g and retail price is $1200. Available to ship today, hit the contact form to inquire.

Boyd X Aivee Ed. One


Logo Patch

I have lots of these things. Buy one. Seriously, I have so many of them that I could Scrooge McDuck dive in a pile of them. They're two inches round and red. They work best if you sew them onto things. Two for $5 (I will refund you $1 if you buy two).