Choosing a Build

Builds that we recommend for you come with a warranty. If we do not think a build is suitable for you, we will say so – and recommend against it – and then proceed to allow you to make your decision and we’ll gladly take your money. If you go that route, you’ll have to sign the “I’m a dummy” warranty waiver form. It’s a fun form.

Someone who weighs 110 pounds shouldn’t be riding identical wheels to someone who is 250 pounds. If they’re on the same wheelset, then it must be a tandem. If they’re identical builds, then either the one person’s wheels are incredibly overbuilt, or the other’s are incredibly under-built.

Check out the fully custom section for just that, fully custom builds. Let your imagination run wild

Check out the Semi Custom area for what we’ll describe as suggestions. Builds that are too good to do just once. There are some classics, and some personal favorites.

Take a look at the Instagram feed for images of builds we’ve done for inspiration.