World Tour Racer

These are wheels for the days where speed matters above all else. Carbon rims, extreme lightweight spokes, and fast rolling lightweight hubs. Available in either clincher or tubular. Choose clincher when practicality and day to day use is on the mind. Tubulars for the absolute in lightweight and when searching for every last bit of ride quality.

Alp: the ENVE SES 2.2, with Pillar Megalite Spokes, and Extralite Cyber Hubs. These all add up to an extremely lightweight build for when the road tilts up. 20/24h only, for smaller riders.

Criterium: ENVE SES 4.5 rims, with Pillar Megalite Spokes, and Onyx Racing road hubs for instant engagement coming out of corners. Only available in 20/24h.

Sprinter: ENVE SES 7.8 rims, with Pillar Megalite Spokes, and White Industries T11 hubs, with a titanium freehub body to endure years of service with the huge watts your sprints put out. Only available in 20/24h.