Sunday Best

These wheels draw inspiration from the World Tour Racers, but reigned in a little bit. Slightly less exotic parts bring the price down a bit. Available in tubular and clincher. Choose tubular if weight and ride quality matter above all else, clincher if practicality is a concern.

Pyrenees: the Boyd 28mm carbon rim, Sapim CX Ray spokes, and Extralite Cyber Hubs. Available in 20/24h, as well as 24/28h to suit more riders.

Circuit Racer: Boyd 44mm front, 60mm rear, with Sapim CX Ray Spokes, Industry9 Torch Classic hubs for quick engagement when you get back on the pedals. Available in 20/24, as well as 24/28h to suit a wider range of riders.

Lead Out : Boyd 60mm front, 90mm rear, Sapim CX Ray Spokes, and Dura Ace hubs. The Dura Ace hubs also feature a titanium freehub body to survive for years without marring. Comes with skewers. Only in 24/28h.